7 heroines refused to pair with a Hero

Lyricist Sneghan has donned the lead role in the film Uyarthiru 420. Seven leading actresses have refused to pair with him in this film. Director Premnath has approached seven heroines and narrated the story.

Though they said the story was good refused to pair with Sneghan. Finally Meghna Raj was finally approached who also agreed to act with Sneghan. The director said that Meghna Raj had suited the role as if tailor made for her and also she has acted very well. In the film there are two hazardous car chasing sequences.

In this sequence Meghna Raj has drive the car very swiftly. The villains will be chasing her in lorries. Meghna Raj has acted in these sequences very boldly without using a body double. Meghna Raj has indeed taken a lot of risks.


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