Angered Cheran's harsh comment on Namitha's flying kiss![Above pic: Namitha at Ambuli 3D launch] 
Namitha seems to have become controversy's favourite child. This time, she has not made any alleged statement nor she has not sported any revealing outfit, which might have irked some culture groups. Well, the actress' popular gesture has angered director-actor Cheran.

Rumours have it that Namitha along with director Cheran recently attended the music launch function of Ambuli, the first Tamil 3-D movie. The oomph actress in her usual way, started the speech by saying, “Hi Machans” and sent a flying kiss to the crazy audience.

Her gesture garnered a huge whistles and overshadowed other guests like Cheran Kayar, Naresh Iyer, producer Loganathan, director duo Hari Shankar-Hari Narayanan in the event. This seems to have irked Cheran and when he occupied the stage, he showed his anger by making some hard comments against Namitha.

Addressing audience, he said that the fans welcomed her lovely flying kiss but will they do the same if any girl behaved in such a manner from their family. However, Namitha had left the function, when he aired his views.

Meanwhile, Namitha has politely defended her move and claimed that she has been doing it since long time. It is her way of showing her love for the audience and does not have hidden meaning, as thought by Cheran.


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