Atharva doning the role of Perarivalan Death sentence and ancient methods of brutal execution are no different. Though given orders by the court of law to kill someone, killing and murder too are no different. Many a film had touched upon this concept including Kamal Hassan’s Virumaandi.

Why would it arise to have a sudden vengeance to kill someone after detaining them for life in a prison? In addition to all these, one does not know whether the accused are really guilty. What can establish a person’s guilt when one can also be innocent? To punish an innocent victim with death is the worst of it all.

The alleged assassins of Rajiv Gandhi: Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan are facing a death sentence to which there is opposition from Tamil Nadu. Director Ravi Inba has taken interests in making a film depicting Perarivalan’s life and in turn might prove him innocent.

The director - a Tamil enthusiast - states that the film will voice out against capital punishment because it is an inhuman act. Director Ravi Inba has chosen Atharva for the role of Perarivalan. If this film achieves the purpose of propagating why capital punishment must be abolished, it can help save the lives of Santhan, Murugan, Perarivalan and also the millions of innocent victims being punished.


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