Bharath says 'Vaaman a bitter experience'
Bharath said that he encountered bitter experience while acting in the film Vaanam. He while speaking to the media said, "I am currently acting in a film titled 555 directed by Sasi.
This film will be an important one in my career. I have decided not to accept any other films until the completion of this film.
I have encountered some bitter experiences in Vaanam. They told me that this film is about the story of four persons. But they have promoted this has one person’s story.
Even in the promos, importance was given to only one actor. Others including me were not given importance. So in future I will be very careful when it comes to two hero stories. All the actors will have the desire to act in action films. At one point of time I also acted in action films. These films also did well at the box office. After Kandein Kadhalai, I have decided to act in all kinds of films. In between there will also be action films. Thiruthani is a pucca action film. Yuvan Yuvathi will be of a different dimension."


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