Deiva Thirumagal - Happy moments in Thanksgiving function

Deiva Thirumagal success celebrations
If one has observed well there is always a happy moment in the camp of Deiva Thirumagal right from the day the film released.
The day the film released i.e. July 15th the team is seen busy promoting the film every nook and corner of the state and not in Tamilnadu but Vikram, and his team were seen over the place promoting the film aggressively in Andhra Pradesh too. Finally the film proved out to be successful and the team celebrated a success party.
The Thanksgiving function was organized at a star hotel in Chennai.  They have thanked the media for their enormous support for the film. The two leading ladies Anushka and Amala Paul were seen sharing a good rapport. The highlight of the affair was the whole team was seen sporting Deiva Thirumagal T-shirts and not only that they have given a standing ovation to the media.
Chiyaan was full of energy and the two ladies sitting on either sides of him were seen sharing some light moments with him. Director Vijay honoured each and every person who worked behind the camera like dubbing artists Baby Sringa (Baby Sara), Deepa Venkat (Anushka) and Savitha (Amala Paul) who gave voice, assistant directors, editor Antony, Music director GV Prakash, Set designers, Costume designers, Staff of Vikram and PRO Johnson.
Director Bala has given away the mementos to each and everyone present. Dhananjayan has thanked the media and also said that Deiva Thirumagal turned out to be successful just because of team work. The noteworthy absentees were Baby Sara and comedian Santhanam.


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