Doo Tamil Movie Review, Rating

Doo 2011 Tamil Movie Review.jpg
Cast: Sanjay, Nakshatra, Sangeetha Bhat, JAgan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Natraj, Urvashi, Rajesh
Director: Sriram Padmanabhan
Cinematography: CR Maravarman
Music: Abhishek-Lawrence
Review : A game not well played

Doo, from AG Entertainment, stars Sanjay, Nakshatra, Sangeetha Bhat, Urvashi, Jagan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva, Natraj and others. This out-and-out romantic story with strong doses of humour IS brought to the public by debutant film maker Sriram Padmanabhan.

There have been many movies made with love as the central focus. Doo is no different, but Sriram Padmanabhan ensures that Doo is not another run-of-the-mill flick. There is a lot of depth in each and every character, and importance has been given to the feelings and emotions of the lead pair, thereby making all lovers relate to the lead characters at some point or the other.

Vasanth (Sanjay) works in the Sub-Registar's office, and is in charge of all the registered marriages. This fun-loving youth spends his free time with his friends (Jagan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva and Natraj) and strives hard to ensure that their love lives are smooth. The dialogues and repartees between these friends leave the viewers in splits.

One day, Vasanth comes across his schoolmate Swapna (Nakshatra), a rather headstrong and independent girl working for a software company. Their friendship is rekindled, and leads Swapna to propose to Vasanth, who accepts joyfully. Vasanth and Swapna have tastes as different as chalk and cheese, which causes a lot of fireworks between them. Their disagreements build up to such a point that they decide to break off and go their separate ways.

At this point, freelance journalist Anu (Sangeetha Bhat) enters Vasanth's life. Anu fits Vasanth's mom's idea of a perfect bride for him. However, both Vasanth and Swapna are not able to forget each other. Do they unite again? Will Swapna's ego allow her to change her attitude? Will Vasanth's mom accept Swapna? Will Vasanth fall for Anu? Will Anu propose to Vasanth? Get to a theatre near you and watch Doo to find out! Doo is a neatly packaged love story that will endear to the youth of today.

Sanjay has done a commendable job. With his lanky frame and beard, he resembles Jayam Ravi. Nakshatra as the possessive and short-tempered lover has performed admirably. The humour quotient is ably handled by the trio of Jagan, Natraj and Lollu Sabha Jeeva. Veterans Urvashi and Rajesh carry off their roles with élan. Sangeetha Bhat's entry is a turning point in the plot.

Cinematography by C.R. Maravarman is good, and the songs are shot on a grand scale. The Abhishek-Lawrence duo has given some peppy numbers, and the inspiration to have Simbu and TR sing a few songs works in the film's favour. The 'Doo da' number is already a rage among the youth.

All in all, Doo is one entertainer you wouldn't want to miss. Call up your loved one, and head off to a theatre nearby to watch Doo and stay bound in love!


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