Hansraj Saxena cases transferred to CB-CID

Chennai police have transferred all the cases registered against chief operating officer of Sun Pictures W Hansraj Saxena to CB-CID for further investigation.

In a major twist in the Saxena cases registered against him by the city police, Tamil Nadu police DGP K Ramamujam on Tuesday issued formal orders to transfer the pending cases filed by the city police against Saxena to CB-CID.

Police sources said, as the film distributors TS Selvaraj who cheated of Rs 82.53 lakh and another film distributor Shanmugavelu who complained of cheating Rs 45 lakh withdrew their complaints through Madras high court.

The remaining cases filed by film producer Hitesh Jhabak of cheating Rs 3.37 crore, film producer TD Raja complained of cheating Rs 55 lakh, Arul Murthy of cheating Rs 11 lakh and Rasu Madhuravan claimed he was cheated of Rs 75 lakh are pending before the city police, apart from the extortion and cheating case registered by the Tiruppur district crime branch police which involved a cheating of Rs 12.5 crore. All these cases registered against Saxena were transferred to CB-CID as per the orders with immediate effect.

According to police, the order stated that the case was transferred to CB-CID as many incidents and the persons involved in the cases are staying out of Chennai city. Therefore the petition was forwarded to CB-CID for further inquiry.

On Monday, the complainants Hitesh Jhabak, TD Raja and Arul Murthy were filed separate petitions before the Madras high court seeking the court to quash the case registered by the police, as the complainants were compromised out of the court. Meanwhile another complainant Rasu Madhuravan appeared before the court and claimed that in spite of his requests the cops pursued the case and registered an FIR against Saxena.


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