Jeeva says 'Simbhu not a friend at all' 
There is a cold war between Simbhu and Jeeva. The reason for this is Simbhu refused Ko which in turn went to Jeeva which turned out to be a block buster.

Simbhu in the recent times is directly and indirectly is adversely commenting on Ko and Jeeva.

At this juncture, Jeeva while speaking to the media said," Simbhu was never a friend of mine at any point of time.
We can appreciate people who speak face to face. But stabbing at the back is not a healthy competition. After Ko the film Rowthiram has been released. This film is also doing good at the box office.

My next film which is to be released will be Vandhan Vendran. This film is to be released during the month of September. Now I will be acting in a film to be directed by Gowtham Menon and also in a film titled Mugamudi which is to be directed by Mysskin. After this I will be acting in a film directed by Jananathan."


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