Kajal praises Suriya - Karthi

Kajal Agarwal sings praises for Suriya and Karthi
Pretty actress Kajal Agarwal is all praises about Kollywood handsome brothers Suriya and Karthi. The actress always admires one thing or the other in her co-stars she shares the screen with.
The actress currently is singing all praises for Karthi her recent co-star and Suriya her present romantic co-star in Maatraan. Her opinion about the brothers is that they easily go into the skin of the characters they are assigned once they face the camera. Kajal says Surya and Karthi view acting as divinity and they live in their role rather than acting, off course its true!
Kajal is truly lucky as she got the best chance to pair with them and she is the second heroine to pair with them as the first-hand experience of the working styles of the two stars has been experienced by Tamanna. The alluring beauty is looking forward to do Tamil films and is waiting for some scripts which have a meaty role for her.
Unlike as in the past, Kajal now wants to segregate her time between Tamil and Telugu films.
Well, what Kajal has expressed is true and each and every actress who gets a chance of pairing the brothers will surely confess the same.


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