Kanchana's sky-high remake rights after it's huge hit

The film 'Kanchana' starring Raghava Lawernce, Lakshmi Rai, Kovai Sarala and others has easily become the super-hit movie of the year so far. The film, billed as a thriller movie which shows 'spirits' getting into the mind and body of living humans beings, has become a huge hit all over Tamil Nadu.

The film's Telugu dubbed version, which released a week prior to the theatrical release of the original Tamil version, has been going great guns all over Andhra Pradesh. Trade circles predict that the film might go onto predict many box-office records that are presently against the names of some original Telugu films starring leading heroes.

The magnitude of the success of the film has even stumped Raghava. He had announced earlier that he would be remaking the film in Hindi with Salman Khan playing the lead role. The remake rights were reportedly about to be sold for Rs.50 lakhs. Now that the film has been breaking every possible box-office record in both Tamil and Telugu, Lawrence is said to be demanding Rs.2 crores for parting with the remake rights.

Along with the Rs.2 crores, Lawrence might also be paid Rs.4 crores for directing the Hindi version! It's not raining in Lawrence's kitty; it's pouring in torrents!


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