Karunanidhi comes to support Sun Pictures Hansraj Saxenas

Police action against Sun Pictures Chief Operating Officer W Hansraj Saxena was condemned by DMK president and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Wednesday, through a question and answer statement.

Referring to the allegations against Saxena, he said cases against him showed to what extent the government could go to take revenge. Karunanidhi said two persons who had filed complaint against Saxena had reportedly withdrawn them, with one of them (Rasu Maduravan) claiming the police had proceeded with the case despite him withdrawing it.

"The police unilaterally registered a case and this clearly shows that those who are not in favour with the rulers are facing such action," Karunanidhi said in the statement. "This only shows their intention to wreak vengeance," he claimed.

Karunanidhi alleged that the police were not ready to file cases against AIADMK workers. "Instead they are playing the role of mediators at the instruction of AIADMK Ministers and prevailing upon land owners to withdraw their complaints."

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