Mankatha was not created for Ajith - Venkat Prabhu 
Director Venkat Prabhu said that Mankatha was not created for Ajith.

The film Mankatha which has Ajith and Trisha in the lead roles is being released on 30th of this month.

This film is the most expected not alone by his fans but from all quarters of people. This film is being released by Studio Green throughout Tamil Nadu.

These days there is always a news about this film. Now Venkat Prabhu has given a new information about this film.
Venkat Prabhu while speaking said, "The Mankatha story was not written for Ajith. The role Vinayak was created for Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi.

Vivek Oberoi was supposed to do the lead role in this film. But we did not speak about this film to him. At that point of time, I got a phone call from Ajith. He said, " I heard that you have titled your film as Mankatha. Greetings. It is a good name.

I want to act in a role like Heath Ledger did in the Hollywood film The Dark Knight. Is it possible to make a story for me like that one?" I told him that Mankatha is such a story and told him the crux of the story. He was impressed. He said that the story was good and he is ready to act in it. All this took place in three minutes."


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