Simbu's answers to Bharath's blame on Vaanam allegation
Simbu and Bharath had shared the screen in the recently release film Vaanam. It seems that Simbhu was given prominence in the promos of this film than Bharath. This has upset Bharath.

Bharath while speaking said, “When I was signed for this film, I mentioned that my role should be equivalent to the role of the other hero. They had agreed for this. But after the release of the film, it did not happen like that. I was not given prominence in the advertisements. In future I will be little careful in acting in two hero subjects.”

Simbu replying to this allegation said, “In a two hero subject films, the hero who is popular only will be given prominence in the promos. It is not possible to put all the actors’ faces who have acted in this film. I am not worried about Bharath’s comments. I am going on doing my work.” Producer Ganesh while speaking about this said, “Simbhu has more market than Bharath. He is a mega star. Hence we can promote the film using him only. Technically what Bharath has commented is wrong. In fact I wanted Nakul to don this role but it was Simbhu who had recommenced Bharath for this role. Hence we made him act.”


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