Simbu's Osthi to release on Diwali
Osthi is the film which has Simbu in the lead role. The shooting of the film is in the final stages. Dharani who had directed hit films like Dhil, Dhool, Ghilli and Kuruvi is directing this film. This is the first time Dharani is directing Simbu. This film is the remake of the super hit Hindi film Dabangg which had Salman Khan in the lead role.

Simbu is donning the role of a majestic police officer. Richa Gangopadhyay is pairing with Simbu in this film. The shooting of the film which commenced few months back is coming to an end now. The shooting of the film is taking place in Hosur, Bangalore and Mysore. The film was planned to be completed in 90 days. Because of this the shooting of the film has been going on in top gear. The film is expected to be released on Diwali.

Best of Dharani-Simbu mix in Osthi

Dharani is one flamboyant filmmaker who leaves his imprint on every film he makes even if it is a remake. It is the director's working style to write the screenplay along the quirks and traits of the main character so that the film makes a proper impact. He used this technique in films like Dhil, Dhool, and Gilli and will be doing the same for Osthi, his remake of Dabaang with STR.

STR is a very charismatic star with a magnetic screen presence and Dharani is keen to develop the screenplay along the lines of his onscreen persona. Therefore though Osthi is a remake it has been rewritten to incorporate the best of Dharani and STR and will have the freshness of an original work in addition to fully satisfying the fans of both.


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