Vijay asked for script change in Yohan :Adhyayam Ondru 
Gautham Menon wanted to bring sweeping changes to the small screen with some action serial to be directed by him. He also wanted to bring A.R Rahman to the Television. After some considerations on the budget, A.R Rahman finally gave his nod.

A few days later, Gautham Menon announced and advertised his Yohan: Adhyayam Ondru with Vijay. The film was advertised like a man hunting criminals and villains in various parts of the world. It is believed that Gautham Menon narrated the serial script to him as Yohan.

Though Vijay agreed, he found that out so soon. He immediately asked Gautham Menon to make a few changes in the script, since it looked like a Vijayakanth type of film. Vijay added that he could act in a romantic film like VTV but would not be willing to act in a Vijayakanth type of film.

Gautham Menon has quickly gone back to bringing changes in the script. Sources say that Vijay was notified of the film’s resemblance with Largo Winch which is also why he asked for changes in the script.


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