Vishal clears rumors on his 'gay' relationship with Arya 
There was news that after Avan Ivan that Arya and Vishal are gays and are in love with each other.

When asked about this matter to Vishal, "Oh, you people have also started asking this question.

After Avan Ivan, people started calling Arya and me as gays. It was a big comedy to listen to this. Some people also asked me that why we both can’t act in the remake of the Hindi film Dostana.
Two men will love each other in that film. At that point of time, Arya in one of his interviews has mentioned that he loves me. I told him if you continue saying this, you will not get married.

Even in the social network Facebook, some of guys (gays) ask whether we can meet. I use to tell Arya very frequently that we are playfully speaking about this but people might take this seriously. There is no truth in this. We are just good friends."


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