Vivek's project 'Rein Kalam'
Comedian Vivek who spreads laughter all over is working on cause for the future of the society.

Vivek says “For the past two decades I am acting in films and the kind of respect I receive always gives me happiness. Now after working for a particular cause for the society I feel something which is very new to me”.

Vivek has recently launched a project called Rein Kalam which works on the plantation of tress over Tamilnadu. The comedian has set a target to plant 25,000 saplings in different parts of Tamil Nadu. He will also be visiting the places on regular intervals where the plantations were done to make sure that the project is really on

The person behind Vivek’s project is Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Vivek says “Sometime back I got an opportunity to meet my role model former President APJ Abdul Kalam. He asked me to plant as many tress as possible and following his words I have started Green Kalam project for my part of the society. Now where ever I go people and my fans people throng in large numbers and offer their unanimous support for the project”.


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