What Namitha says on Anna Hazare?

Actress Namitha, widely perceived by many as the quintessential ‘Ms. Oomph’ of Kollywood, has opined that the ongoing struggle by Gandhian Anna Hazare would bear no fruits at all and would only end up giving him wide publicity. Sizzling Namitha, who hasn’t been seen in Tamil films of late, was asked about her opinion of Hazare’s struggle to bring the Union Govt. to include every citizen within the ambit of the Lokpal Bill.

“The change has to come from within the people’s hearts. Unless it happens, Hazare’s struggle won’t produce the desired result. I feel that the burning issue in the country today is the terrorist menace. We have to give preference to root out this menace from the society to give foolproof protection to the members of the public all over the country.

“Corruption isn’t something which entered our system in the recent past; it has been there for a long, long time and has taken strong roots. Struggles like these won’t bring corruption to an end. Hazare should be taking this struggle to the people. Offering or taking bribe should be stopped at all levels, especially among the Corporate Firms and the VIPs who do so to serve their ends,” she says.

Surat-born Namitha says that she hails from the land of Mahatma Gandhi, the ‘Father of our Nation’. “I’m aware of the values of Gandhian struggle. Hazare’s struggle can hardly be termed as ‘Gandhian’ in nature. Fasting isn’t the solution to the many problems we are staring at. Unlike Hazare’s, Gandhiji’s struggles had people’s support with him and that’s why he could achieve cent per cent success in his endeavours,” concludes Namitha.


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