Yuvan Yuvathi - Movie Review, Rating (2/5)

Cast: Bharath, Rima, Santhanam, Sampath
Director: G.N.R. Kumaravelu
Banner: Ram Pictures
Producer: Baija
Music: Vijay Anthony
Cinematography: Jagadeswaran
Editing: G.K. Prabhkar
Release Date: August 26, 2011

Review: Yuvan Yuvathi is disappointing

It's a pity that director GNR Kumaravelan chose not to focus on a feel-good romance and instead went in for colourful songs by Vijay Antony, foreign locales, and some snazzy camera-work courtesy Jagadeeswaran. As Ram Pictures' Yuvan Yuvathi proves, these are not enough to make a movie interesting.

There is a sense of déjà vu about everything -- from the first few scenes at the US Consulate where Kathirvel Murugan (Bharath), wearing headphones and an overtly youthful costume, declares that he is part of the young generation, to where he barges into a quarrel with Nisha (Rima Kallingal, introduced in Tamil from Malayalam), who is also on her way to the US.

Both are rejected by the consulate, and full-fledged animosity develops on the part of Nisha. Kathir, after laughing at her through the first half-hour of the film, suddenly realises that he likes her brown skin and curly hair (in contrast to the pretty white-skinned girls he usually courts, as he coolly informs her). Thankfully, for the watching audience, Nisha isn't taken it.

Kathir's father, Sevaka Pandian (Sampath), is against love marriages -- he explains that this is because parents are incredibly disappointed when their children find their own mates instead of waiting for guidance from their elders and betters. Even as he bellows this philosophy to the high heavens, you know that his son is going to do the exact thing he hates. And so it happens.

Kathir takes to following Nisha and "helping her out", much to his friend Sakarrai's (Santhanam) disgust. Nisha at first hates him, and then suddenly becomes his great friend. And there it stops, because she is engaged to marry someone else.

After this very mildly interesting twist, you expect things to happen, but the screenplay just descends into mushy chaos as Nisha and Kathir are miraculously transported to the beautifully scenic Seychelles and much stupidity ensues.

Bharath and Rima Kallingal, as befits actors who have worked with challenging scripts before, have tried their very best to lift this one out of the mediocre, but there's only so much they can do with a shoddy screenplay that wanders all over the place and throws up the silliest sequences. Sampath, Sevvazhai, Divyadharshini and Krishna have been wasted. Santhanam is the only breath of fresh air.

As for the dialogues -- is this really writer S Ramakrishnan's work? You can only gape in disbelief.

Vijay Antony's songs are mildly pleasant, and that's all that can be said about it.

Review 2

Romance and Tamil cinema always goes hand in hand. If there is one genre that never fails at the box office, then it should be romance. Chocolate hero Bharath, who played a critically acclaimed role in Vaanam, is back with director GNR's Yuvan Yuvathi. The film was recently in the headlines for grabbing a clean U certificate from the censor board without any cuts. The script, written by S. Ramakrishnan, has equal doses of love and humour. Yuvan Yuvathi will also mark the Kollywood debut of Rima, a popular star in Mollywood. The film also has Santhanam in an important major role.

Yuvan Yuvathi narrates the relationship between father (Sampath) and son (Bharath). Bharath plays the role of a modern guy working in a corporate setting. It's a tale of two lovebirds working in a corporate setup. Earlier in an interview the director assured that the sizzling chemistry between the lead pair will create wonders on screen. So here we take a look at the plot of Yuvan Yuvathi.


Kathir aka Kathiresan (Bharath), is an IT graduate who works for a leading MNC in Tidel Park. Like many youngsters, his main goal in life is to settle down in US. Reason? His father (Sampath), an arrogant villager from Usalampathi is behind him with a marriage alliance. Kathir's father is the local zamindar of the village and he hates love marriages. He infact goes to the extent of killing a young man for marrying the girl he loves. To escape from his father and the arrogant behaviors of the his relative, Kathir plans to go to US secretly. Kathir's good friend and roommate Sakkara (Santhanam) helps him in all his good and bad deeds.

One day Kathir meets Nisha (Rima) at the US Consulate and like any other love story they end up fighting with each other. Meanwhile Nisha looses her passport and blames it on Kathir's bad luck. After a series of incidents, Kathir helps Nisha to get a new passport and he slowly falls in love with her. Later Kathir and Nisha applies together for US visa and they gets it. A day before their journey Nisha reveals that she is going to get married in US soon. Kathir is heartbroken!

Twist comes in the form of Kathir's father who misunderstand that Nisha is his son's girlfriend and decides to kidnap her. At the right time Kathir reaches the spot, saves Nisha but her marriage gets canceled.

The story takes a leap of ten months! At Seychelles Island Kathir is now working as a project manager, none of his family members knows about his whereabouts. There he suddenly meets Nisha, who works in a hospital! What will happen next? Watch out for Yuvan Yuvathi!


Bharath looks stylish on screen and does his part very well. But we would expect him to see in more author backed roles like Veyil and Vaanam. As usual his dancing skills is one of his biggest asset. Rima Kallingal, who made her on screen debut with Shyamprasad's Ritu, looks beautiful on screen. She does her part very well and sends out a clear message that she is here to stay. Santhanam's comedy one liners impresses in bits and pieces. Sampath is one of the major highlight of the film. He excels as an arrogant father! Anuja Iyer and Shakthi makes a special appearance towards the end of the film.


Director G.N.R. Kumaravelu, who has cranked the camera for Ninaithale Innikum, has come out with a feel good entertainer. However couples of songs and few scenes could have been deleted to increase the pace of the film. Music by Vijay Anthony is good with the songs 'Oh My Angel' and 'Kola Kuthu' standing out. Camera works by Jagadeswaran is classy and sophisticated. The beauty of the Islands are rightly captured on Jagadeswaran's lens. But G.K. Prabhkar's editing could have been better!

Overall Yuvan Yuvathi is another feel good entertainer!


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