7 Aum Arivu in the heights of hype!

7 Aum Arivu is one of the most anticipated releases this season, not just among fans but also for people in the industry. Day to day kollyinsider.com is covering all the hot happenings of the film and gives most interesting news about the movie... like todays news..
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It is reported that several big names from the industry have already said that they are eager to watch Suriya`s performance in the film. In fact, at the audio launch function last week Dhanush even stated that he is waiting to watch the film considering the hype around it.

A royal black horse which was used by Suriya in the period portions of Murugadoss` 7 Aum Arivu was sold for a good price recently. The four-legged beauty had helped him immensely in the shooting as it had been trained specifically for a crucial segment. Since all scenes involving the animal were complete, it was put up for auction at the oldest market functioning, since the Tipu Sultan days, near Erode.

Suriya`s introduction song in the movie, `Oh Ringa Ringa` is said to be one of the highlights of 7 Aum Arivu as it has been shot in various spots across Chennai.


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