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Straight from the horse’s mouth and it was silence everywhere in the area, where the media interaction was hosted. Yeah! It all started when a journalist oppugned A R Murugadoss, ‘Like Mementoes to Ghajini, could you let us know your inspiration for ‘Ezham Arivu’?’ Without a pause, A R Murugadoss stunningly replied, “Maybe, makers of Hollywood film may remake it.”


It all happened during the press meet of ‘Ezham Arivu’ that was held yesterday at Hotel Residency Tower in Chennai. Addressing the media channels, A R Murugadoss and his entire crew didn’t miss to sing praises of Red Giant Movies Udhayanidhi Stalin for making it happen. ‘No one else would have burned candles at both ends for a newfangled project’ started off Murugadoss, who continued adding that it’s a shame and disgrace for the entire state of Tamil Nadu for having forgotten a hero – BODHIDHARMAN, who is worshipped as a God in China and Vietnam. He is the Guru of Shaolin Monks and spread Zen across the country. He is a medical scientist and Osho has authored a book on him for more than 300 pages. ‘I am sure that the film has already achieved 99% success and the result of 1% is awaited on Diwali’ added A R Murugadoss.

‘Harris Jayaraj frightened urging us to strike with grandiloquence.’- Suriya

‘After you are done watching this film, it’s time for every Tamilian to stand proud and say ‘We are the best in this world’ and so will be the film. We are happy to have unraveled the hidden history’ said Suriya, who was high on praises for his director A R Murugadoss and producer Udhayanidhi Stalin. Continuing to shed lights on the legend Bodhidharman, Suriya uttered, ‘Soon after the release of this film, he will be once again acclaimed as a special person in the history of Tamil history.

‘Suriya is a Galaxy in himself’-Shruthi Haasan

Suriya and A R Murugadoss didn’t miss to bring the assistant directors into the picture saying that they were astonished by their fascinating knowledge about everything under the sun. The technical team has been remarkable and after a long time we will happen to see the credits of cinematographer Ravi K Chandran in a Tamil movie.

So get ready for the big Diwali treat of ‘Ezham Arivu’ on October 26.


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