Aayiram Vilakku Movie Review, Rating (1/5)

Starring: Shanthnoo, Sathyaraj, Sana Khan, Kamal Kamaraju, Suja, Delhi Ganesh
Direction: S P Hosimin
Music: Srikanth Deva
Production: HMI Pictures
Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Review: Does not impress

Director Hosimin has come out with a movie after a gap of six years. His Aayiram Vilakku is a story set in Madurai fdeaturing Shanthanu and Sathyaraj in pivotal roles.

Lingam (Sathyaraj), the most dreaded don in Madurai, does everything without revealing his identity. Everyone fears him but no one has seen him. Whoever knows him personally doesn’t know that he is the don. Police however, are looking for a chance to mail him even as his arch rival Rathinam (Suman), another don, wants to kill him.

Lingam is forced to keep quiet, as police have planned to encounter him if he indulges in any activity. His lieutenant (Delhi Ganesh) advises him to give up his routine adventures for three months. During the period Lingam, who has crossed 50 years, gets a feeling that he should give up underworld activities and lead peaceful life hereafter. The bachelor wants to adopt a son who could take care of him and provide him the much needed love and affection. Delhi Ganesh tries to find a suitable young man to be adapted.

Gopal (Shanathanu), an orphan living in a small area called Aayiram Vilakku, is working in a mill. He falls for Megha (Sana Khan), who is fond of social service and concerned in animal care. Gopal plays some tricks to impress her. Megha too falls for him after some hiccups. But her cousin gets anger and determined to kill Gopal for snatching his girl.

Gopal has an encounter with Lingam’s men and he handles them with firmness. The meeting takes place in the mill and it gives an impression that Gopal is an important man in the gang. His colleagues and friends even think that he is the right hand of Lingam. Gopal, feeling the comfort of being considered so uses this image to his advantage. But he never crosses the line.

Meanwhile Lingam happens to meet Gopal and likes the person’s personality. He gets close to him without revealing his identity. Gopal, without knowing that he is Lingam, likes the person for his simplicity and warmth. A special relationship develops between them.

Seeing the proximity between Gopal and Lingam, Rathinam plans to kill Lingam using Megha’s cousin. He abducts Megha and arranges forced marriage with her cousin. Gopal is ready for the showdown. Lingam is ready to go to any extent to make Gopal happy. The police closely follows Lingam’s activities.

Watch the movie to know what happens to all of them.

Hosimin has got a different storyline that speaks about the affection between a young man and an old man. But he doesn’t have the right script to transfer this story into a gripping movie. He fills the script with clichés and predictable happenings. Thus the movie falls flat. It is unfortunate that Hosimin could not think of one single scene that

It has become a habit for Shanthanu to dance, romance, and fight in an insipid movie. The boy should learn to select right scripts before he becomes totally irrelevant.

Sathyaraj doesn’t get anything challenging. Hottie Sana Khan and talented actors Delhi Ganesh and Suman are wasted.

Ganja Karuppu and Theppeti Ganesan’s couldn’t provide any fun.

Kannan’s camera work is good while Srikanth Deva has given two good numbers in Enna Thavam(rendered by Yesudoss) and Jigirthanda.

The story of Aayiram Vilakku has the potential to be made as a gripping movie but Hosimin has failed to capitalize. A dull show.


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