Cinema ticket prices to ‘regularize’ soon 
It is said that in response to the plea by theatre-owners to the Government to ‘regularize’ the fares of tickets at the cinema halls, the fares may actually go down by a good percentage.  The maximum fare charged at Multiplexes in the city is Rs.120.  This fare would apply only to the most modern multiplexes situated within the city limits and that multiplexes in the rest of the cities shouldn’t be charging as much.

Many cinema halls in the outskirts of the city and else where are reported charging a heavy amount as fare.  In this backdrop, the theatre-owners have putforth their plea that the fares should be regularized so that they are uniform in all part of the State.  This would make some theatres owners who charge a hefty fee other than the prescribed fares to fall in line.  Fares should be different for A/C and non-A/C theatres, it is requested.

At present, 4 shows are allowed in theatres in a single day with 5 shows permitted on festivals and on holidays.  “We have now requested that we be allowed the luxury of screening as many number of shows as they want and depending upon the length of the film and the clamour for it among the fans,” says ‘Abirami’ Ramanathan, president of the Theatre Owners’ Association of Tamil Nadu.

Sources said that the government is considering the pleas and a formal announcement in this regard is expected soon.  If the fares are regularized, it would be significantly less in single-screen theatres.


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