Didn't like the TV Program? complaint it to IBF

These days we see overlay in the Vijay TV shows for the viewers if they would want to complain about the program to ibfindia. I thought it would be good to understand what it is and overview of it so that if you guys want to file a complaint, it would be easier. ;)

IBF India, Indian Broadcasting Federation is an organisation for the television broadcasters. They have major broadcasters with more than 250 TV channels. They take part in protecting and promoting interests of the broadcasters in India. So, if viewers think that the channel is not telecasting good content, IBF can be notified and they inturn take the issue to the broadcaster.

In the Vijay TV programs, we see send your complaints about the program to ibfindia providing their website and address. So, what kind of complaints can be filed ??
Complaint can be any breach of Self Regulatory Content. Some examples would be if the content get into Kissing, Sex & Nudity, Violence & Crime, Gambling, Drugs, Smoking, Tobacco, Solvents & Alcohol and much more. The categories should be from the channel's program only but not with any movie videos or movie trailer or advertisements.

The complaints should be raised within a week of program telecast and complaint should be either in English or Hindi languages. If you think any program violates with their content and should be notified, please raise your concern.


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