Diwali 2011 battle to start in a month; Diwali 2011 vs 2007

The countdown to Diwali 2011 has started in Kollywood. Diwali is on October 26, exactly a month from now.

The three Tamil films which have announced a Diwali release are- 7aum Arivu, Mayakkam Enna and Velayutham. Plus Shah Rukh Khan's RA. One is getting dubbed into Tamil and releasing along with its Hindi version. Simbu starer Osthi doesn't having any official confirmation yet, but it was said to release for Diwali.
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Theatre booking has started in earnest, and the fight is to get the maximum number of screens in Tamil Nadu. It looks like Red Giants and Aascar Films producers of 7aum Arivu and Velayutham respectively are directly booking the theatres. Aum Films Mayakkam Enna is being distributed by Gemini Film Circuit.

The battle looks similar to 2007 Diwali when Vijay's Azhagiya Tamil Magan, Suriya's Vel and Dhanush's Polladhavan clashed. At that time, all the three were not so huge in terms of mass appeal.

Today, all the three heroes have a global reach, and it will be as trade says "the mother of all battles".
The market will heat up closer to release date, as all the three producers are keeping their marketing strategy under the wraps. This time, promotions will be huge as all of them want to attract the youth audiences. Everything depends on the number of screens and the opening.


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