Harris Jayaraj 'On The Edge' First look & schedules

Finally, the First Look of Harris Jayaraj's world tour 'On The Edge' is out. The show will be directed by AL Vijay of 'Deiva Thirumagal' fame. It will start off at Mayajal in Chennai, on the East Coast Road (ECR) on October 2. 'On The Edge' will have Tamil cinema's favourite singers such as Karthik, Andrea and many others with international choreographers train dancers and singers in bringing out a great show. Tell us what you think about the First Look of 'On The Edge' in here!

Harris Jeyaraj On the Edge Concert
The Show is been directed by director Vijay of Madarasapattinam & Deiva Thirumagal fame and produced by Mr.M.S.Muralidharan of Tech Front
 HARRIS JEYARAJ a cutting edge concert , exploring and re defining the concert activation. The concert brings in a futuristic video technology complementing sensational music strains of HJ and lead artiste singer. The concert will have 3D Visuals for audience, Interactive Visuals, Special artiste with unique choreography and Engagement with spectators.
You may kindly see from the stage photo, the geometry of the stage is futuristic , 270 degree stage giving uninterrupted viewing spectacle for the spectators.. The stage is a mega size 120 ft width x 80 ft depth.
Techfront is the sole and exclusive rights owner for this worldwide concert and is also producing the entire show including the futuristic stage.
All Stage related functions such as Stage, Lighting , Audio, LED, Artiste Management incl Harris Jayaraj will be under the scope of Techfront.. The Promoter will be responsible for Venue fixation, permissions, security, Hotel & Stay for Crew consisting of Harris Jayaraj, 24 Musician, 18 Singer and 8 Support Crew for a total 52.

The 1st concert is kick starting at Chennai on October 2, 2011.
Followed by

Coimbatore on October  16, 2011
Hyderabad on October 22, 2011
Dubai on November 18, 2011

We are attaching preview of how the Stage Dynamics and Superior Content will profile the Visual Element for the spectator.



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