Harris Jayaraj’s concert (On the Edge) rescheduled

Thanks to the unpredictable weather in Chennai, Harris Jayaraj’s concert, On The Edge, has seen a change of date! As the inclement weather is prevailing in Chennai and is expected to continue for the next two days there has been a change of date for the concert.

This concert that was supposed to take place on October 2 has been rescheduled to October 8, a Saturday. It will take place at the Mayajal Cricket Ground at 7pm and the organizers have announced that it is rescheduled to ensure spectators with a superlative concert without any weather disturbance.

However, the concert set to take place at the Hindustan College in Coimbatore on October 16 remains the same.

All the tickets that have been purchased till date for this concert will be valid for October 8.


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