Nithya Menon reacts on KFPA ban, says she is innocent

Nithya Menon reacts on KFPA ban
Actress Nithya Menon who was banned by KFPA said that the ban on her is unfair and she is innocent. It is known that the producers have banned the actress for showing disrespect towards the top producers of Malayalam film industry by refusing to meet them for discussing on a film.
Speaking on this issue, Nithya Menon informed she was busy on the day with the shooting of her forthcoming film. Since the director has given her a small break she was having her lunch during the time senior producer has approached her and so the actress has asked her manager to look into it. "The producers have arrived on location to discuss on the project without early intimation. If they had informed me before I would have spared some time for them. How can I allocate the time on the shooting sets of other unit," says the actress.
Nithya further informs that the personal vengeance and egos are the reason for ban on her. Nithya Menon has been getting the support from all the quarters on this issue.


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