Siddharth has finally apologized to journalists

Finally, Siddharth apologizes the press
Southern Stud Siddharth has finally apologized to the News Channels and the journalists for his controversial statements made in the twitter earlier. When Sid made such statement on News Channels, the Film Newscasters Association of Electronic Media (FNAEM) has lodged a complaint in AP Film Chamber of Commerce and South Indian Film Chamber of commerce to ban him and has demanded an unconditional apology from the actor.

Now Siddharth has finally apologized in the same twitter, "In reference to one of my tweets in the past regarding certain news channels -My comment should have targeted only them for their actions but not their families. I understand that this has upset the journalistic fraternity & their families. As this was not my intention, I wish to apologize to the families of journalists for hurting their sentiments in any way. Thank you."


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