Sonam Kapoor in Vijay - Murugadoss film? 
Last we heard about Vijay - Murugadoss film is Vijay's photo shoot with Angela Johnson. Now some sources goes back to the old story that Sonam Kapoor has been roped into the movie.

Here is the news source --  
Bollywood hotties have been the destination for our filmmakers and heroes as well. Either you’ll have them arriving from God’s own country or the Maxim City of Arabian sea belt. Vijay’s heroine for Murugadoss’ film is gonna be from the latter one and it’s none other than Sonam Kapoor.

The actress with her slim and beautiful looks always suits perfect in homely and glamorous appeal as well. Indeed, she has been the one that Kollywood heroes were desperately looking for. Finally it’s Vijay finding her as A R Murugadoss ‘The Ghajini Man of Bollywood’ bringing her into K-town now.


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