SPB Charan files lawsuit against Sona

Tormented by Sona Heiden's allegations, SPB Charan has decided to file a lawsuit against the actress. After keeping mum on the issue for two days, the producer-singer has broken his silence and has said that he is gearing up for a legal battle.

SPB Charan, who refused to open up after the controversy broke out, claims that he will hold a press conference soon to clarify the issue. He says that he is in talks with his advocates and does not like to talk in public like Sona Heiden.

Meanwhile, Sona Heiden has been admitted to a hospital after she complained of severe chest pain. The actress is suffering from panic anxiety attacks. However, she is fine and her health is getting back to normal.

It was all started after Sona Heiden accused SPB Charan of sexually assaulting her at actor Vaibhav's house. She alleged that he molested her for which she demanded a public apology from him.


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