Vijay says 'I am not god' - upset with fans [Pics] Vijay is totally upset with the act done by his fans during the audio launch of Velayudham in Madurai. Some of his fans have portrayed him “as a God in posters and this has irked Vijay.

In a statement to the media, Vijay said “During the audio launch of Velayudham some of my fans have put up some hoardings and banners which showed me a like god. This is done by some troublemakers and I am totally against this act. I immediately asked them to remove the posters and my fans have done it immediately”.

He also added “I can understand that some of them were trying to “turn the issue into a poisonous one. Moreover I don't even discriminate people by their caste, creed and religion. I have friends, fans, well-wishers and workers from different communities and I respect them all equally”.


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