Will Ajith - Gautham Menon come together?

This has been the never-ending question that has been rounding upon airs from the time they parted ways due to creative difference of opinions. Gautham Menon always follows a specific pattern of not revealing the story to his actors and that supposedly had irked Ajith Kumar. But the actor was polite enough to say that things didn’t work out well and they will surely work together for a project.

But during later point of time, while attending a college function Gautham Menon put down Ajith fans by saying, "Who is Thala? I don’t know any such person like that". It is also worth recalling that he had openly admitted that he doesn’t want to work with people who don’t have their heads right over the shoulders.
But now the bitter memories have likely faded away and let us hope they come together giving a big stroke.


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