Actor - Actress visits Manorama in hospital

Popular actress Manorama sustained head injury and is undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Chennai.
Actor Kamal Haasan visited her in the hospital and enquired her well-being. Many cine icons too are enquiring her well-being.

A senior artiste in Tamil movies, actress Manorama slipped and fell down in her bathroom and sustained head injury. So, she was taken to a private hospital and admitted there. A scan was done for her there.

After examination doctor’s found internal bleeding in her head, and also a blood clot. A surgery is to be done on her tomorrow. Her son Bhoopathi affirmed that she is in not in coma and that she is fully conscious and well.

As is the situation, actor Kamal Haasan went to the hospital and enquired her well-being. In a similar fashion actress Anushka too went to the hospital and enquired Manorama’s well- being. Many cine icons are enquiring her well being.


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