Aravaan - Music Review
Director Vasantha Balan is illustrious for his wide-range of experiments into different genres of movies. Winning high praises for his incredible showpieces ‘Veyil’ and ‘Angaadi Theru’, the director has now stepped onto a different ground with ‘Aravaan’. The film is a period film dating back to the 6th century starring Aadhi, Pasupathi, Tanishka and Archana Kavi in lead roles. Playback singer Karthik makes his debut as a music director with this album that has some good music apt for the film’s backdrop. But most of them will brew with its taste only with the visuals.

Banner: Amma Creations
Production: T Siva
Direction: Vasantha Balan
Star-casts: Aadhi, Pasupathi, Tanishka, Archana Kavi and others
Music: Karthik
1. Oore Oore Enna Petha

Vocals: Mukesh, Krishna Raj, Periya Karuppu Devar, Priya, Rita

The song focalizes into the lifestyle and specialties of the civilization that was predominant during the 5th century. We hear it from the community as they are into the celebrative moods. The song in few parts resembles of ‘Avatar’ signature music, incisively with the female chorus. We will have to wait and watch out for the choreography.

2. Nila Nila Poguthe

Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Harini

With these branded singers far-famed for their melodious treats, the song carries on with their best vocalisms. But when it comes to composition, the track slightly reminiscences of the 80s melodies rendered by Ilayaraja…. But as mentioned, it’s the singers who make an impressive performance.
3. Kalavuda

Vocals: Mano, Kottaichami, Karunandhi, Rahul Nambiar, MLR Karthikeyan, Vijay Narain, Malathi, Pasupathi, Harish

The Bosa-Nova beats have been used as the main aspect of rhythmic accompaniment with half dozen of singers crooning the song in the style of forest. The song doesn't have any tunes, but is a kind of chanting and conversations within the group members. The style is patently of the forest tribe and Karthik has tried adding some special effects to the percussions.

4. Naagamalai Sanchittue

Vocals: Gopal, Seerkazhi Siva Chidambaram, Narayanan

The song is nowhere different from the other tracks as Karthik brings out a similar pattern of previous numbers. The usage of some unique instruments are the only highlighting factor here, but more importance is given to the voices. Mark our words... The song will surely gain more attention after the release as it sounds like as being set during a crucial part of screenplay.
5. Nandhakumara

Vocals: Subiksha

A mellifluous melody in the classical genre as it keeps you hearing it over and again. Subiksha's sweet voice is so enchanting and we are sure this track will hold an important position in charts of audio market. One of the best tracks in this album to look out for.

6. Unna Kolla Poran

Vocals: MLR Karthikeyan, Bhavatharani

A slow-paced folk melody that has good lyrics and Karthik goes for a best selection of singers. MLR Karthikeyan does his best, but it's Bhavatharani stealing the show with her aesthetical voice. The rhythmic accompaniment on light percussions and string works are pleasent.
7. Oruvan Irruvan

Vocals: Karthik

Karthik comes into the picture here crooning it with a powerful appraoch. The song starts with few notes played on accordion and the percussions are as same as in previous albums. What an 'Aravaan' actually means? If you're desperately looking out for the answer, it's time to hear this song.

On the whole, 'Aravaan' carries songs with mediocre and it may go on marking trenchantly with the visuals. Playback Singer Karthik has done good work over orchestrating the instruments and choosing best range of singers.

Verdict: Average show overall

Review by Richard Mahesh


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