Devi Sri Prasad denies love with actress

Music composer Devi Sri Prasad said that he is not in love with any actresses. He while speaking to the media said, "I am a person who is very friendly with actors and actresses. Mamta, Chaarmi and Swathi are all my friends.
But there is no truth in the news that I am in love with one of them and I am going to get married. My parents are searching for a suitable alliance for me. But now my full concentration is on music only. Many are saying that I am always partying. I am very busy composing music for Tamil and Telugu films. I don’t have the time to eat or sleep these days.

Many are also of the opinion that I am giving singing opportunities to actresses alone. It is not like that. I give opportunity to the people who have good voice. Why, even hero Vikram has sung a song for me. Why people are not mentioning about this.

The song Ringa Ringa which I had composed for the Telugu film was used for the Hindi film Ready which had Salman Khan in the lead role. Coming to know about this, Salman appreciated me. After this I am getting opportunity to compose music for Hindi films as well. Since I am busy with Tamil and Telugu films I will not be composing for Hindi films. But next year I will definitely will compose music for Hindi films."


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