Directors decided to boycott GV Prakash

GV Prakash was not only notorious in copying tunes from other songs and albums. He also sounded notorious in his statements when he blamed the directors for his copyright infringement. He said, “It was Vetrimaran who… It was Vijay who… It was Selvaraghavan who….”
Now, this blame game has been put to an end. It looked like directors did not react to his allegations but they slowly did. We may not get to see anymore of GV Prakash brand plagiarisms. Those directors had just given him reference or similar tunes.

A source close to Vetrimaran said that they wanted something like The Godfather while he used the same tune for Aadukalam. GV Prakash told director Vijay also asked for the Disney tune for Deiva Thirumagal. Directors could no longer bear these accusations and they have decided to switch to Harris Jayaraj for their next films.

Even AL Vijay, who had GV Prakash as the music director for almost all his films, would switch to Harris Jayaraj. Selvaraghavan will also switch to Harris Jayaraj. Directors have decided to boycott GV Prakash. This casts doubts on the fact that Harris also copies copiously though they would be saved the misery of GV Prakash’s blame games.


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