Muran's record in overseas market!

UTV Motion Pictures Muran with Cheran and Prasanna has broken the hoodoo surrounding small starless films in the overseas market.
Bollywood trade specialist Taran Adarsh had tweeted- Tamil film Muran had collected total after 2nd weekend, UK 12,940 [Rs 9.92 lacs] and USA 27,208 [Rs 13.28 lacs].

Muran was released directly by UTV in these markets and grossed in theatres over Rs.24 Lacs in the first 10 days itself, when the current overseas operators have categorically stated that there is no theatrical market for small and medium films.

Muran proves that there is a growing market for Tamil films in the overseas market regardless whether they have stars or not. If the content is good there is a market for films like Vaagai Sooda Vaa and others. US and UK are growing territories in addition to established Tamil strongholds like Singapore, Malayasia and other countries.

In future if the content of a small Tamil film is good then in addition to overseas theatrical, there is a growing home video, satellite and digital rights to exploit.

Clearly, the potential of Tamil films are not exploited adequately or being suppressed by the existing operators. Just imagine if Muran can collect Rs.24 Lacs only in two markets, what about the total collection all countries put together for this film and also for bigger films?


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