Namitha is my intimate friend - Sneha

We often witness cat fights between contemporary actresses and rarely happen see two actresses turning out to be close pals in the Film Industry. Family Heroine Sneha and Sex Bomb Namitha is one such rare combo.

This is what, Sneha have said about her friendship with the sex goddess.

"Namitha is the only friend I have in this Industry. Whenever I feel low and depressed, She is there for me to cheer up and motivate. Namitha is my biggest source of strength and I can share anything under the sun with her," said Sneha.

Whenever Namitha comes to Chennai, she will meet Sneha. Both of them go for dinners and lunches. Recently they had been to London and both of them shopped together heavily. Sneha while speaking about her friendship with Namitha said, "Though actors and actresses are popular, we are also human beings. Like others we also have feelings and emotions. Whenever I am sad or depressed I call Namitha who is in Mumbai over the phone. She use to console me with soothing words. Namitha is the only friend I can share about my personal matters. I am very affectionate towards her. Namitha’s friendship is my only strength. " Sneha is currently acting in Murattu Kalai and Vidiyal. She is also acting in a Telugu and a Malayalam film.

The duo came close to each other when they shot for the Tamil film 'Naan Avanillai'. Both of them make it a point to hang out at city's popular joints and even gone for shopping together during the recent star night show at London. Let's wait for Namitha's reaction on this and hope that their friendship lasts forever!


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