Prabhu Deva & Nayanthara relationship sours! [Video]

It’s been a few months since actor-director Prabhu Deva’s divorce. However, he is reluctant to announce the date of marriage to Nayantara, and this is irking her no end.

The dusky actress is furious because she has thumbed down six to seven film offers, including the offer to do a sequel to the massive Malayalam hit Bodyguard.

Nonetheless, she has given up her happening career, to settle down in marital bliss with Prabhu Deva but the frequent deferring of dates is getting on her nerves.

“She didn’t allow him to step into their flat in Cochin on Onam day, though Prabhu Deva drove all the way to Cochin from Chennai. He was left stranded outside their house for a couple of hours, before he pacified her to let him in. She even thought of doing a photo shoot for a Malayalam magazine to announce her comeback to movies, but he thwarted her plans,” says a source.

Another reason that is driving a wedge between the hotshot jodi is Prabhu Deva’s love for his two kids. It’s said that Prabhu Deva meets them regularly without her knowledge.

He tells Nayantara that he is going out to complete shooting schedules, when he is actually meeting his children in Chennai.

A few weeks ago, Prabhu Deva was caught in a difficult situation, when Nayantara insisted on accompanying him on his overseas location shoot, since her shooting for the Telugu film, Sri Ramarajyam, wound up a few days early.

“He was holidaying with his two kids and asked her to stay back in Mumbai. He hurriedly returned to Chennai and packed off his kids with some friends from the airport and jumped on to the next available flight to Mumbai,” adds our source.

However, Nayantara got to know of his secret meetings with his kids and is very annoyed with his renewed interest for his first family. If the date that is set for marriage is deferred one more time, Nayantara doubts he can keep his ‘commitment’ of marriage to her.


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