Rajini fans celebrated Endhiran's first anniversary [Video]

Rajini fans celebrated Endhiran’s first anniversary with the same gusto as they had last year. The film was released on October 1st last year to packed houses and is termed as one of the biggest grosser in terms of revenue till date.
The film crossed the silver jubilee mark in several theatres in India, while some touched the 100-day mark. Interestingly, Endhiran ran to packed houses for 50 days in several foreign countries and in two countries it completed 100 days.

In order to celebrate this film's success, Rajini fans in Chennai and other districts made a special request to the theatre owners to screen the film and celebrated the anniversary.

It was the beginning of this October last year that Tamil cinema’s biggest movie ‘Endhiran’ was released. Superstar Rajinikanth played dual roles in this film that is directed by Shankar. The film featured Aishwarya Rai, Dany Denzongpa, Santhanam and Karunas in other prominent roles.

The film was produced by Sun Pictures with a budget of Rs. 132 Crores, the highest for any Tamil movie, and it reportedly grossed a whopping amount of Rs. 405 Crores with its worldwide release, the highest grosser of any Indian movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth played a scientist and a ‘Robo’ villain in the film and Aishwarya Rai played the love interest of the scientist character. A R Rahman scored music and Ratnavelu handled the camera. Songs and music of the film became very popular and camera work also received critical acclamation. Sabu Cyril’s Art work and V Srinivas Mohan’s Special effects were the talk of the town and received rave reviews and big awards.

Rajinikanth also received awards from various quarters for his role as hero and villain. He was also celebrated with recognitions as the Numero Uno crowd puller and the highest paid actor in Indian cinema. He was awarded “The Entertainer of the Decade” award by many Media houses.

The fans of superstar Rajinikanth are celebrating the big historical successes of the film on the eve of the anniversary of the film. In spite of his age and the advent of other popular young stars superstar Rajinikanth is still commanding the number one position in Tamil cinema.


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