Shahrukh Ra.One vs Suriya's 7 Aum Arivu

It is Bollywood versus Kollywood this Diwali. It is the battle between Ra.One and 7 Aum Arivu. So who will emerge winner?

Shahrukh is riding high on the SFX, while Suriya is flaunting the AR Murugadoss brand. SRK has got Akon to sing for him, while 7 Aum Arivu is believed to have tracks in the exotic Mandarin language. But yet, with all the hard work, hype and hoopla, it is the junta’s vote that matters the most.

“I will obviously watch Ra.One for SRK and his robotic style. It is something very different from a usual Bollywood flick. It looks more like a Hollywood movie. And it is just not Shahrukh, I want to see Rajni Sir. I am excited about him as well,” says DJ Hussain.

The chammak challo effect, the fantastic promos and the SRK magic seem to be a sure shot formula to pull the crowds.

“I am waiting for Ra.One. I have seen the trailers and they look superb. The SFX and the costumes look so different from the usual stuff. I am not going to miss this one,” says designer, Michelle Salins, a self-confessed SRK fan.

But yet, the promotions are not an insurance for public vote. Bengaluru fans are divided over SRK and Suriya.

“I don’t understand Tamil but I definitely want to watch Suriya in 7 Aum Arivu. I am fond of Suriya’s acting. I have seen glimpses of his powerful performance in other films. He sure is a promising actor and Tamil films have a lot more than just the hype and promos. So thumbs up to 7 Aum Arivu, it’s a definite watch,” says Neil Chauhan, marketing manager, Radio One.

And there are those Bengalurians who don’t mind even missing Ra.One.

“SRK is definitely cute but Suriya is a better performer when it comes to acting, action sequences and dance. I am looking forward to 7 Aum Arivu and not really Ra.One. Both films are supposedly about a protagonist and any day Suriya is a better bet compared to SRK. I am not a first-day-first-show person, but would definitely want to watch 7am Arivu in the first week,” says RJ Rakesh.

It is going to be a stiff competition and only the box office collections will prove who is a bigger star in Bengaluru.


* Ra.One is a sci-fi film about a super hero

* It is one of the most expensive films made by SRK

* Ra.One’s director is Anubhav Sinha (of Tum Bin and Dus fame )

* Highlight of the film is Akon’s Chammak Challo

* 7 Aum Arivu is a sci-fi film about a super machine

* It is the most expensive film Suriya has acted in so far

* 7 Aum Arivu’s director is AR Murugadoss (of Ghajini fame)

* Songs by singer Hao Wang in Mandarin


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