Sundar C says 'Vadivelu not in my film' 
Actor and director Sundar C said that there is no truth in the news that Vadivelu is acting in my film. Vadivelu who was supposed to be the number one comedian in Tamil cinema was totally sidelined because he campaigned for the DMK during the last assembly elections.

He openly blasted Vijayakanth who had alliance with the AIDMK party. As a result, he was totally boycotted by Tamil cinema industry because of the change of the political scenario.

At this juncture, there was a new weeks ago that Vadivelu will be acting in Sundar c film. The films like Giri and Winner which had the duo turned uot to be super hits. So there were talks in Kodambakkam that Vadivelu is getting a new life. But Sundar C has mentioned that Vadivelu is not acting in his film and that news was a false one. But there is a good market for Vadivelu even now , but the producers and directors are reluctant to sign him due to political pressure. We have to wait and see that when Vadivelu’s good time will come.


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