Suriya super confident, talks about 7aum Arivu [Video]

Suriya super confident on 7am Arivu
Suriya's 7am Arivu is the most anticipated movie of the season and the count down has begun for the release. Suriya will be seen in three distinct roles as a scientist, a Buddhist monk and a circus ardent and the actor is said to have done a lot of home work for the roles.
The expectations on 7am Arivu are sky-rocketing as the unit has blockbuster Ghajini to their credit. The medical science thriller has Shruti Haasan as the leading lady produced by Red Giant banner.

Amidst the promotional work of '7aum Arivu', Suriya takes time off to talk to us exclusively on his biggie, '7aum Arivu', a period-contemporary film. Watch as Suriya talks on the much hyped about six-packs, what went behind it, the stunts choreographed by Peter Hein, his training as a circus artist, his co-star Shruti Haasan and his take on the film, which is sure to be a turning point in his career...

7 Aum Arivu is the most anticipated film of the year and in this exclusive conversation with, Suriya spills the beans on what got him kicked about the whole experience of working in this period, medical science thriller…

7 Aum Arivu expectations have sky rocketed. Does that faze you?
I know that 7 Aum Arivu is indeed a big film with huge expectations. It was a huge high. For the first time I was being offered a film as the first choice of hero. In the past, films have come to me after going through many other actors who didn't want to do them. So that itself felt special. Working with the Ghajini team again was a huge high and this time it was all the more high octane, since we had to make it with a bigger punch than Ghajini.

How did you prepare for the dual roles of monk and circus artist?
For the monk's role I read a lot of books and even watched videos of Osho and others to see the body language and gauge how they remain so calm and composed. I tried to get in touch with my inner self to observe mood changes and how a monk would react to situations and emotions. Added to my effort, the assistant directors (AD's) with their research were a big help since it's a period film.

For the circus artist Arvind, I thank Pratap master for teaching me all the tricks like juggling, hand stands, trapeze etc. Johnny the martial artist and Hollywood actor and Peter Hein the stunt director helped a lot with stunts. I also underwent special martial arts training in Vietnam.

How was it working in China?
It was amazing. I admire the people there for their dedication and discipline on sets. Everyone was on time however early and whatever their age. Not a paper out of place and no shouting or yelling at work. They were really happy that we were doing a film on their beloved Da Mo, as Bodhidharman is known there.

What are the highlights of the movie according to you?
I think the production values accorded by Red Giant are amazing, as is their support. The music by Harris is a huge hit and Mun Andhi Saral is one of my favourites. Shruti is the surprise element and will surely go places after this film. Rajeevan's set are out of this world, especially the Chinese ones. Murgadoss has surpassed himself and conveyed in layman's terms something that we should be proud of and though it's a medical science thriller, everyone can understand it. The whole scale of the film is mind-boggling and exciting and I have the entire team to thank for this. I hope the viewers enjoy it as much as we did!

The production values are technically rich and Harris Jayraj's music garnered positive reviews. Rajeevan's sets are one of the highlights of the film. Though the plot's focus is on complex subject, Murugadoss is said to have narrated in a simple and exciting way. Suriya is super confident on the film's success.


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