Tamannah love with top actor spoils her career

Just when her career was looking good irrespective of how she performed in each film with or without consistency, Tamannah Bhatia faced a severe threat to her career after her alleged love affair with a top actor.
The actor who came to the top recently within a handful of films through his family background has reportedly been in love with Tamannah Bhatia. The actor's family had sought a bride for the actor to end the love affair.

In addition to this, they had also allegedly prevented other producers from signing the actress that she had to go to Tollywood to survive as an actress. No producer from Tamil could sign her before or after the marriage.

She also had to go to Tollywood to heal her wounds. Her migration to Tollywood has made matters worse. Hardly any of the films she starred in had turned hits. She might lose her place in both Telugu and Tamil, if a hit doesn't come her way in the near future.


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