Vedi - a defective cracker for Vishal; Prabhu Deva - un-fit director?

Vedi was never going to be a blast, knew the audience, after seeing films as Villu and Engeyum Kadhal which came from the Prabhu Deva stable. The film expectedly bombed at the box office, since it was the same confronting-a-politician story.
The unanimous comment from the audience was that Prabhu Deva could go back to what he did best – choreography. Prabhu Deva is not much of a director as much as he is a choreographer. His outdated scripts can no longer become blockbuster hits.

With what Prabhu Deva is paid as a director for his honeymoon, an ambitious newbie director can make a film out of it. Prabhu Deva is not any least affected by this flop feature of his but it is Vishal who has had to bear the brunt of it.

Vishal's next film is Samaran for which he has slashed about one and a half crore of his remuneration. If Vedi were a hit, he could have hiked his salary. But after Avan Ivan, which won him critical acclaim, Vedi proved to be a disaster for Vishal.


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