7aum Arivu - Everyone should proud, not to be complained

‘7aum Arivu’, an experimental venture in Tamil cinema has brought about much discussion in online forums with people expressing their take on the film and the pros and cons in it.

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Movie lovers, Deepavali has passed and so have the biggies released this festive season - 7aum Arivu, Velayudham and Ra.One. As I've seen the reviews written by movie critics and the comments by movie lovers regarding AR Murugadoss' masterpiece, I was wondering what mistakes were made by the director in the movie. I watched the movie the next day of Deepavali and realized that 7aum Arivu is one of the gems produced in the Tamil movie industry. 
Why do I say so?

Everyone should understand that the Tamil movie industry is growing. There are lots to improve, and everyone in the industry is working hard in order to do so. And so does our beloved director AR Murugadoss. Some said that the movie had a weak screenplay, portraying a usual love story between a guy and a girl, as being told in many Tamil movies. Some proclaimed that Suriya didn't fit the role of Bodhidharma and Shruti's Tamil language pronunciation was very bad and yet she acted as a Tamil patriot, while some said that the movie was not logical and didn't make any sense at all. I was VERY much surprised by some viewers who even commented that this movie is a total waste to watch while Velayudham and Ra.One were way better.
It’s pathetic to see how some movie viewers can murder a high quality movie in split seconds by their unreasonable comments. 7aum Arivu is a high quality movie. It’s a sci-fi thriller, which has a good blend mix of history, science, medicine, emotions, entertainment and a message. Before anyone watches this movie, let me ask, how many of us know Bodhidarma? Of course, some would have known it earlier. But, majority of us got a very good introduction of the famous historical figure who was forgotten by his own race - Tamilians, only thru 7aum Arivu.
Hats off to Mr. A.R Murugadoss and his team for making a very strong subject as the base of this wonderful movie.After 20 minutes of traveling in history, we are brought to the present day, in which a martial arts specialist is sent to India to complete a bio-war on India by China. And how the character Arvind is linked to Subha (Shruthi) that brought them together to stop the bio-war by bringing back a man in the form of Bodhidarma formed the crux of the story. So, let me ask. Which part of the movie had a weak screenplay? It’s a story, and we are viewing it. The movie showed a soft and slow love story between a common man and a girl. Movie viewers should accept the storyline as it is, and if there are any flaws in the story that is shown, then one should criticize it. If one can watch a slow and sweet love story like Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya for two and a half hours, he or she should be able to accept the matured screenplay in 7aum Arivu. Of course, one might wonder of why a wonderful movie like 7aum Arivu has to have songs. One must understand that 7aum Arivu is a movie which explains about science. This movie had the best simplified explanations of each scientific term such as hypnotism, DNA etc. As any movie maker, AR Murugadoss surely wants his movie to run big in theatres as well. That’s why songs and good blend of entertainment was inserted into this movie to entertain B and C class audiences.
Next, let me ask, why some said Suriya did not fit the role of Bodhidarma? Now, after watching this movie, try mentioning the name of Bodhidharman and Suriya's image will appear automatically in your mind. Why is that so? Its not just because Suriya is a famous actor, it is also because he had brought the character of Bodhidarma alive through his hard work, effort and look in this movie. It is true that many talented actors such as Vikram, Kamal Haasan can bring out the character as well and Suriya is one of the talented actors who can do that too. We should really appreciate the hard work done by him.
And, why does one have to say that Shruti did not speak proper Tamil in this movie? One should really watch and listen to her pronunciation. It was apt. And of course, she might have a bit of English accent in her speaking, that’s because she is a genetic engineering student in this movie, not a Tamil literature student, and we are very sure that the syllabus for engineering students is in English. Even we nowadays have the influence of English in our speaking, but one can't say that we don't love Tamil and not Tamil patriots. It’s just a humble request; those who look down upon Tamil language should start speaking in Tamil instead of criticizing Shruti's Tamil.

The next question that I would like to raise is why do some say that the movie is not logical? Why did some say that the movie doesn't make any sense at all? It’s purely logical if you ask me. Why does one believe that when a spider bites a man, and the spider's genes could combine with man's and form him as Spiderman, but couldn't accept that a man who has 80% of DNA match with his ancestor could transform into his ancestor by DNA transfusion?  I think the disease of looking at Hollywood movies in awe still exists among us which sometimes fails us to appreciate the hard work by Kollywood. Velayudham might be entertaining, and Ra.One could be magnificent in graphics, but why does one compare movies of different genres and makes a good movie to flop? If we were to compare these movies, I would say that Ra.One and Velayudham are not comparable to 7aum Arivu, because 7aum Arivu is a milestone in Tamil movie industry. Velayudham is an entertaining movie, but Kollywood would not grow if the same styles of movies are being made. Audiences want something new. Ra.One is milestone in the history of graphics and visual effects in India, but as a common mistake, importance has been given only to graphics and promotions whereas the story lacked depth and had many loopholes.
In conclusion, we should appreciate and welcome good movies such as 7aum Arivu for its magnum opus effort and brilliance. There are 2 minor flaws, one is the illogical accident and fight scenes during Dong Lee chasing Suriya and Shruti, and another one is weak BGM at places, but these minor ones did not fail the movie which nailed a very strong message in our hearts and minds. Just a humble request, please do not spread false rumors about this movie. (In a social networking site, it came out that 7th Sense (Telugu version) showed that Bodhidarma is from a different place, not Kanchivaram, and the Hindi version said that Bodhidarma is from Dhravti. Later, Surya expressed it in his press meet saying that it was a false rumor and the Hindi version of the movie is not even released.) 
Please support good movies and continue supporting Kollywood.


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