Actor Sivakumar's speech raises controversy

Actor Sivakumar's speech raises controversy
One can see actor Sivakumar often in literary forums. Since his speech has much applause among college students, both male and female, he is being invited often for speeches.

His orations of Ramayana were relished very much.  He discusses even now about historic figures.

His speech is like giving advice to children, and in this way he takes the liberty to deliver certain matters.  Some such opinions of his have triggered controversies.

News has been released in a website which is as follows:

‘When we hear the fiery speeches of yours in the stage, our nerves get taut.   Your Tamil is full of fragrance.  We feel like our emotions are springing out’

The speech which begins in the context of social awareness among the youth, proceeds towards the goal of touching the hearts of millions emotionally, and then turns out to tarnish the Tamil society’s reputation and the Tamil women.  This is severely condemnable.

‘When we heard your emotional narration of Parasakthi, Manohara, and Kandhan Karunai in the stage, we lost ourselves to you, but now what you have opined has made us frown in disgust.’

‘In the undivided Chennai Rajadhani there was a great actor.  He used to sing well. Also, he used to dance well. He bore good looks.  Usually, when he made a concert, family women used to ask their husbands…  ‘We bore three children for you… all these going down the dumps… But this man is a great individual… I want to bear a single child for this man…There should be a great individual in our home.’ This means those Tamil women were ready to quench their thirst in such a way. This is the blame you have made on certain Tamil women.

Have you ever thought about the blemish  it will cause to the Tamil society?  Haven’t you ever thought twice before making such a baseless accusation? Is there not a trace of hesitation when uttering such words?  Yourself speaking about the Tamil culture, and the ethos of Tamils, now speaking this way? Did you eavesdrop women asking their husbands permission to commit such a heinous act?

How come you eavesdropped a wife speaking to her husband in privacy?  Even if there be a woman to utter such words, she could definitely not have been a family woman.  There is a different word coming in the dictionary for such woman.  Is it that there were women in cinema industry who spoke in such a way to you?

There couldn’t be any other person who tarnishes the reputation of Tamil women.  Actress Kushbu’s comment that no woman in Tamilnadu is chaste created a furor in Tamilnadu. How long could it take to bring you to the streets and question you… and why no one dares to do that?

Hasn’t the news about your comment reached the women’s association in Tamilnadu?  Why is it that political parties which created ripples of protest when Kushbu made such comment, keeping mum in your regard?

Sivakumar’s speech may be an effort to revive our dying culture.  But baseless, fear-arousing accusations not adhering to real situation and disgusting arguments should not be brought to stage.

A few months before, the speech made by our literary icon Selvar Sivakumar triggered a huge controversy.

There seems to be a college in Bangalore which kept open pubs in the very premises.  This seemed to be a step to avoid bad name that students bring to college, because of resorting to pubs outside.  When cross-questioned about the name of the college he managed to mumble something.

He should restrain from making such comments in the stage which bear the sole intent of creating sensational ripples among people.

In another stage narration, he has told about a couple in Hyderabad who hailed from Chennai. They had shifted to Hyderabad after a love marriage. He has narrated their life style.

There seemed to be a mutual understanding between husband’s friend and the wife, and wife’s friend and the husband.  When things came to both of their attention, they settled for a mutual agreement.

This is the sad plight of those who have had a love marriage…, said the website.

‘When we investigated regarding this, ‘This is a useless argument.  Sivakumar is not a man who speaks for publicity.  There is no necessity for him to do that.   He always speaks with the intention to bring up students.  The video enclosing his speech has been released in all websites in the last 6 months.  Also on the TV.  If you hear that… you will come to know the truth in his speech.’

The quoted opinion by reviewers is not Sivakumar’s own opinion.  What he told about contraceptives has already been released in magazines.  It was just to remind the lust women had for the yesteryear hero of the Tamil cinema.  How can you take that he brought the whole Tamil society into the issue?

He doesn’t blame the love marriages.  He just pointed out one or two in the society who lost themselves resorting to wrong way, and just advised students among girls not to lose their balance.

‘Is it right to depict this wrongly and trigger controversy… If one keeps thinking such a way, no one can make literary speeches in the stage. First and foremost, listen fully to his speech and then make a review’, says Sivakumar’s side.


  1. "The video enclosing his speech has been released in all websites in the last 6 months. Also on the TV. If you hear that… you will come to know the truth in his speech.’"

    Video link of this please


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