Aishwarya Dhanush's lie about 3 musician!
Debutant Anirudh is composing music for Dhanush starrer 3, directed by his wife Aishwarya Dhanush.
At a media briefing held recently, Aishwarya Dhanush introduced Anirudh as a passout from AR Rahman’s KM Conservatory Music School and said he has immense talents. What she hid weas the fact that she is none but her cousin.

Following her words, media went gaga in writing about Anirudh and his talents. They were not conveyed the fact that Anirudh was her cousin.

Now with "Why this Kolaveri di...' song picking up, reports now say that Anirudh was indeed Aishwarya’s cousin. Why Aishwarya hid?, it is a millaon dollar question now.


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