Anushka says no to bikini

Actress Anushka is now refusing to act in glamour roles. The reason for this is because of her secret friend. Anushka is never reluctant to act glamorously in Telugu and Tamil films.
Her mere appearance on the screen itself will titillate the audience. The only film she did not act glamorously was Deiva Thirumagal. Anushka will look beautiful either if she is dressed fully or semi clad. Because of this she has more number of fans.

The producers approach her for sexy roles because she is bold enough to don glamour roles. But recently when she was approached to don a role wearing a bikini, she bluntly refused.

Many in the industry was shocked that what made this bold Anushka to change her mind. Then there was news from reliable sources that she has changed her mind as per the advice of her secret friend.


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